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  In the Omniverse, power is derived from the three motivators of sentience; the Spirit, the Soul, and the Will. Typically a being will manifest one of theses motivators stronger than the other two. this doesn't  mean a beings powers are derived excusively from one or the other. in fact it is very rare to encounter an enity only manifests one of the three motivators.

The Spirit


The Spirit is a fire; it is the essence of life. A hero who derives his power from the Spirit draws it from within himself, their very body provides thier special abilities.The powers springing from the spirt are manifested in Mutant or Meta-Human abilities. this could include entire races that have powers embedded in thier natural genetic code.

The Soul


The Soul is a well; it is the depth of experience. A hero who derives his power from the Soul draws it from the very substance of the Omniverse, thier abilities are extensions of primal forces or ancient dieties. the powers found in the depths of the soul are manifested as Magic, Magical powers could include channeling elemental forces or even summoning powerful entities.

The Will

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The Will is an engine; it is the drive to overcome. A Hero who derives his power from the Will draws it from his own desires and uses what ever resources at his disposal meet those goals. thier capibilities are the product of thier mechanizations and hard work. the powers of the Will are manifested as technology or finely honed skills. These powers could include Powered armor or even martial arts mastery (those real world martial arts; the mystical martial arts you see in anime would fall into the magical set).

Bridging Power Sources

Power Sourses are most often blended by those who use them. Occasionally this is very deliberately balanced by schools and orders that pass on teaachings to thier disciples.


This term refers to the mixing of Soul power sources with Will power sources. Adherants to these disciplines are often called Alchemists