Furies study no 1 by vee209-d4lwq0y

group of super powered beings dedicated to the overthrow of the multiverse's pantheons.
" the blood you have spilled screams for justice"

Organization Locations



Danae - one of Zeus' many rape victim's. she was disowned by her father after her encounter with Zeus. She led the rescue of Daphne from the garden of Olympus. Still trapped in tree form, Daphne bonded with Danae , magically tying Danae to the world's plant life and Imbuing her with a malicious spite that she never bore before.
Danae's new powers also granted her access to "the Green" the collective essence of the Omniverse's plant life. Danae is able to travel between universes by tapping into "the Green".

Prometheus - Titan bound to a rock by Zeus to be eternally disembowelled by an eagle. Prometheus was rescued as part of the furies first mission as a group.

Io- another victim of Zeus' rapacious appetites, developed the ability to shift into a superpowered bezerker form.

Europa- Abducted and raped by Zeus.
Talos is her android servant.

Cassandra -

Ganymede - the inside man

Ino - Olympian viciously attacked by Hera. Her entire family was slaughtered. She only escaped by leaping into the sea, where her water based powers enabled her escape.