SOLDIER 3rd Class

Stamina is health, endurance, and overall physical resilience. Stamina is important because it affects a character’s ability to resist most forms of damage.

Your Stamina modifier applies to:

  • Toughness defense, for resisting damage.
  • Fortitude defense, for resisting effects targeting your character’s health.
  • Stamina checks to resist or recover from things affecting

your character’s health when a specific defense doesn’t apply. Debilitated Stamina means the hero is dying, and suffers a –5 modifier on Fortitude checks to avoid death on top of it.

A creature with no Stamina has no physical body (like a ghost) or is not a living being (such as a robot or other construct). Creatures with no Stamina suffer and recover from damage like inanimate objects (see Damaging Objects under the Damage effect). They are immune to fatigued and exhausted conditions, but cannot exert extra effort. Creatures with no Stamina are often—but not necessarily—immune to many of the other things affecting living beings as well (see Immunity). They have no Fortitude defense.


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