A right wing insurgency cell that recruits super-powered and military trained individual. Outfits members with high tech specialized gear.


The Sons of Liberty were an American patriotic superhero group during World War II. Its members were Paul Revere, Maiden America, Dyno-Mite, Fallout, and Johnny Rocketman. they retired from old age, but were rejuvenated by Henry Bendix.

The Sons of Liberty were reactivated after the opening of Kandor; they were reinforced by inmates of Stryker Island who had experience in combating Kryptonians.

Their goals are end kryptonian influence on Human government and expel the kryptonians from planet Earth.


The cell has been supported from multiple sources over the years.

They have received backing from LexCorp, Checkmate, Stormwatch, and the CIA.


Paul Revere

A man with the ability to inspire patriotism in others

American Hammer

Floyd Barstow

Anomoly- man with the ability to take on the Characteristics of matter he touches

Captain Flag


Also known as the human hand grenade; He could shrink, explode then reconstitute his body.


Nuclear powered superhuman

Frederick Von Frankenstien

Riot-could utilize kinetic strikes to generate duplicates of himself

Johnny Rocketman

Libby Jurgens

Agent Liberty

Rudy Jones


Philip Karnowski


Maiden America

Super Strong woman with a large hammer

George Washington

Citizen Soldier

Specialty Equipment

Liberty Armor


K-Rad Pistol


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