Emerald City's Premier Super Group

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Formed shortly after the silver storm incident these hero's have banded together to form the most formidable force on the West coast.

Organization Locations

Emerald Tower

The Sentinels' headquarters takes up the top 5 floors of Emerald Tower (See The Player's Guide to Emerald City for game stats)



A paramedic bit by a dying werewolf who uses his powers to help people in ways that he was never able as a normal man.


A mutant with a body of stone. A former child star he has decided to dedicate his life to the greater good.


Pilot of an advanced power armor submersible suit invented by her father. She fights the good fight to honor him.


The Scion of the Prophet family and the Vanguard group, Victor brings old school ideals into the 21st Century.


A Chinese immigrant who has been bestowed with great mystic powers by a dragon. Dragoneye has become a public hero and defender of his community.


A college student granted the power to open dimensional portals by an experiment gone awry. Vortex seeks to make up for earlier abuses of his powers.

Kid Robot

An artificial being, an AI given a robotic body built around a state of the art force projection device. Kid Robot is a hero because what kid doesn't think superheroes are awesome?


An alien stranded on Earth and bonded to a human host, Xeno was a freedom fighter on her home world, and continues her battle against evil and oppression here on Earth.


A female college student with tremendous strength and physical ability. She fights because it is in her nature to be helpful to others.

The Rook

A dot com multi-millionaire who decided to become a hero as a way to use his money for good after being inspired by the other supers out there. The rook fights crime with gadgets, gear, and training

Specialty Equipment

The Chariot

The Sentinel's VTOL Jet it serves as their prefered mode of transportation (See The Player's Guide to Emerald City for game stats)

The Van

The Sentinel's practical mode of transportation; they use the van to travel within Emerald City (See The Player's Guide to Emerald City for game stats)


Flying hoverbikes individual Sentinels often use to get around (See The Player's Guide to Emerald City for game stats)


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