Civil War Vol 1 2 page 19-20 SHIELD Safe House 23 (Earth-616)

These underground shelters were designed by SHIELD to act as emergency command centers in response to crisises and disasters all over the world.

Equipment Points- 19

SHIELD Bunker Safehouses
Location All over Planet Earth
Size Huge
Toughness 14


SHIELD very often aquired Cold War fallout shelters and converted them over into covert command centers. When SHIELD mothballed most of these facilities, then DIrector Fury hid their very existance from the rest of the organization.



SHIELD Bunker Safehouses utilize encrypted satilite communication arrays which grant access to the world wide tele-communications network.



The bunker's network is supported by 6 top end servers which service several terminals distributed troughout the bunker. these servers not ony provide access to the world wide web and internal network services, they also provide access to Government, military, civil service and emergency service networks.


These bunkers are buried underground and accessed through secret entrances

Defense System,

SHIELD bunkers are defended by Automated Turrets 

Holding Cells

SHIELD bunkers house Interigation/Holding cells that would support five "guests".


SHIELD Bunkers house a five bed infirmary that can be use to treat trauma, interdimesional disease, and mystery poisonings


SHIELD agents encounter spectacular phenomenon from all the various scientific disciplines. to handle these never before seen threats SHIELD employs multipurpose laboritories in thier facilities


Research efforts within a SHIELD Bunker are supported by extensive classified and unclassified resources.

Living Space

Inside a SHIELD Bunker are the kitchen, beds, recreation space, and food stores to support just over a dozen inhabitants.

Power System

Geothermal taps provide power to the bunker

Security System

These bunkers have only one enterance that is controled by a vault door operated by a Biometric lock. Siesmic sensors alert the sentry turrets burrowerers