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Once one of the greatest human empires in Avistan, Cheliax has declined significantly in power and influence over the past century. When the god Aroden died, Cheliax collapsed into social upheaval and, shortly thereafter, civil war. Seeing an opportunity to seize power from chaos, House Thrune, which had long practiced the dark arts of diabolism in secret, entered into an open pact with the powers of Hell. Backed by legions of devils, the house’s own fearsome armies, and the support of shadowcallers from the neighboring land of Nidal, House Thrune stamped out its enemies and claimed the Chelish throne. Following its victory, House Thrune ushered in sweeping changes, reshaping Cheliax into an infernal empire. Today in Cheliax, the official histories are little more than state-sanctioned propaganda, the government runs a merciless and labyrinthine bureaucracy devoted to elevating the ruthless and crushing the weak, and the once-white roses of Egorian now blossom in fields of luxurious, velvety black blossoms.

Continent Avistan