The K-Rad Caster is a Directed Energy Weapon developed by LexCorp that uses a weaponized variant of the fourth stage of matter Plasma Irradiated by a Kryptonite Core.

K-Rad Caster








Ignores Kryptonian Resistances

17  Points

Against infantry, Plasma weapons are lethal. Injuries inflicted to a victim can include severe third-degree burns. The Plasma shot by the weapon can instantly cauterize wounds upon impact. Adjacent body fluids are subjected to flash vaporization, inducing a strain or a shock on the body after impact, and the trapping of fluids in organs or blood vessels in addition to the rapid expansion of heat can cause ruptures or small explosions within the victim. The Kryptonite core gives the Plasma Kryptonite's EM signature which allows the plasma to bypass a kryptonians natural resistance to physical damage.


The Plasma Pistol is very effective at killing "soft" targets, while known to be able to deal large amounts of damage to heavily armored targets, —in addition to the high temperatures, the electromagnetic bottle containing the plasma can produce an EMP which can disable many various electronic devices within range. Plasma pistols are able to produce an extremely rapid rate of fire it is not recommended that this rapid fire would be sustained for longer than a few seconds due to the risk of overheating. The caster offers a very effective delivery method of engaging hostile targets with kryptonite. First the caster makes efficient use of kryptonite; the Kryptonite core use the same amount of crystal a 3 kryptonite bullets, yet produces a few hundred K-Rad plasma bolts. Secondly the K-Rad bolt bypasses the protection offered by radiation suits by melting through the suit on it's path to the victim.


The Plasma Pistol, when fired continuously will overheat because of the rapid cycling, loading, ignition, and release sequence of energy.


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