Warehouse base of operations for Restless .

Henry Icehouse
Location Tricorner Shipyards, Gotham City
Size Medium
Toughness 8


Henry Meat Products employed Cyrus Gold in one of their slaughterhouses just outside of Gotham City . Their mistreatment of him were one of the factors that transformed him into Restless.

As Gold took up his new career in the underworld he particularly relished opportunities to strike out against his former employer. One of the ways Gold did this was to buy up the remnants of the failing company. This Icehouse is one of those pieces.

Gold has outfitted the Henry Icehouse into his safehouse in Gotham City . He has added mission support facilities such as a workshop, secure access, and Ünternet access.



The Icehouse is Wired into the Ünternet


The Icehouse Ünternet terminal also supports data storage and processing


the Icehouse is hermetically sealed occupants will begin to suffer suffocation effects after staying longer than an hour inside.

Living Space

Gold maintains his personal living quarters in the Icehouse

Power System

The Icehouse has been outfitted with a 20k diesel generator

Security System

the entrance and systems within the Icehouse are operated by a specialized Skull shaped key that Cyrus gold keeps on his person.


The Icehouse is totally unremarkable against it's surroundings. Only Cyrus Gold and the Underworld technician who set up the Ünternet terminal is aware of its special capabilities.


Gold has set up a workshop in the Icehouse to maintain his equipment and prepare special pieces for his contracts