HYDRA 's Old world division, they are responsible for operations conducted on the Eurasian Super continent.




Hydra Agents can be replicated using the Militant Character build on Pg 217 of the Mutants and Masterminds 3e Hero's Handbook

Member Position
Madame Hydra Europa Director
Black Scorpion Prima Moritat
Minion CR
Militant 3

Organization Locations



Red Room- Specialized covert action training facility aquired during HYDRA 's surge following the dismantling of the Avengers.

Specialty Equipment

HYDRA 's level of technology is as highly advanced as that of any on Earth, based in part on technology of the alien Gnobians discovered by Baron Von Strucker in 1944. HYDRA uses various advanced experimental vehicles and devices in its activities, and various conventional military vehicles, sea-craft, aircraft, pistols and standard concussive force blasters, and conventional communications equipment.

HYDRA personnel are issued cowled jumpsuits, which have included a number of designs over the years. Originally, the jumpsuits were green with a yellow H design, and later incorporated a red and brown color scheme, but in time were changed back to green with a serpent motif.

HYDRA Terror-Carrier


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