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A Multiversal Campaign Setting for Mutants and Masterminds 3e. Go ahead add your universe to the network

Multiverses are a staple of modern comics. From DC's "Crisis on Two Earths" to Marvel's X-treme X-men, creators have been able revisit old storylines and deviate from the standard conventions of thier popular characters by writing them into alternate universes.

You too can explore the multiversal clusters of the Omniverse. use this setting to explore your favorite storline worlds ("Gotham by Gaslight" or "House of M") or use it to transport your characters from one campaign to the next. Go anywhen or where your imagination is the only limit.

The Setting

What If.....There Were an Omniverse?
Power Level 40
Scale Multiversal
Setting The Omniverse
Style Greyscale

This setting jumps off of the "Across the Multiverse" series frame work from the M&M 3e Heroes Handbook. elements of this setteing should allow players to level into the multiverse by using lower rated universes to introduce a character and letting them adventure up to multiveral challenges and Omniveral threats.

Community Rules (more like principals)

  • 'In-Universe writing style- 'Most wikis I have seen discourage the use of the In-Universe language when discussing works of fiction. I , how ever would much prefere articles on this wiki to asume the universes of the Omniverse are real places (supension of disbelief)'
    • 'But some times you got to talk about what you're doing- 'Use Separate articles or discusions to publish thoughts on Gaming mechanics (I say Meta-gaming), the creative process or publication information.'
    • 'and Gaming Stats- 'I actually prefer the gaming stats to go into the actual article.'
  • Collaborative Storytelling- If I wanted to do this by myself I wouldn't have used a wiki.
    • Hey man it's a Wiki- Sure you can request that no else modify your work, that should be the exception not the rule. Use the article's discusion section to request that your work not be modified.
    • Retconning is a ten letterword- I strongly discourage anyone from undoing any work that is not thier own. That is not the same as building off of someone else's work. that is fleshing out generalizations or building up other areas of the universe.
      • Start a branch universe instead
  • Zero tolerance for Vandalism

The Omniverse- The Where of Elseworlds

The Sources of Power- What makes a Hero in Elseworlds


Wikipedia Elseworlds Article- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elseworlds

Wikipedia What If Article- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_If_%28comics%29

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