You’re trained with a particular type of close attack, giving you a bonus to your attack checks with it equal to your skill rank (see Attack Check). Each close attack is a separate Close Combat skill with its own rank, and encompasses a single weapon or power, although an array may be considered one power, at the Gamemaster’s discretion

So a hero might have Close Combat: Swords, but Close Combat: Melee Weapons is too broad. Close Combat: unarmed is an option, meaning skill with unarmed strikes like punches and kicks. However, this bonus does not apply to other forms of unarmed combat maneuvers, including, but not limited to, grabbing or tripping.

If it’s important, you can distinguish between a deception that fails because the target doesn’t believe it and one that fails because it asks too much. For instance, if the target gets a +10 bonus to resistance because the deception demands serious risk, and the resistance check succeeds by 10 or less, then the target doesn’t so much see through the deception as prove reluctant to go along with it. If the target’s Insight check succeeds by 11 or more, he has seen through the deception, and would have refused even if it had not placed unusual demands on him (that is, even without the +10 modifier).

The bonus from a Close Combat skill applies only to attack checks with the particular attack, not to defenses. For a broader bonus to attack checks that is less than simply raising Fighting rank, see Close Attack advantage in the Advantages.


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