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The first children stepped out and found a firm foundation. they looked about and saw that their progenitor had set the Omni into the foundation. Around the Omni, they built a forum and around the forum, they set their homes. Their children set their homes just beyond those and their children set theirs just beyond those. As each generation piled onto the next the first city arose they named it Zion.


The Great Sundering

For Millennia the people of Zion grew and spread. They dispersed across the heavens and filled worlds. In their growing and spreading, they grew apart. Those that were brothers became diverse in form and creed. Worse yet these brothers came to hate one another. Squabbles became wars. the years of war came to outnumber the days of peace. there were those that came to believe that the varied races and creed could not coexist.

Their reality was held together within the Omni; it would be through the Omni that they would achieve "peaceful" separation. there came a Worldbreaker with a great hammer; The Worldbreaker struck the Omni. The Orb didn't give. The Worldbreaker continued to assail the Omni with blow after blow; it would not break, but under it's surface, fissures formed; and with each strike, the fissures multiplied. The Worldbreaker grew weary and collapsed baffled that the orb withstood his onslaught.

Outside the forum, the effects of the attack were evident. The initial blow shattered reality into many divergent facets and each subsequent blow shattered those facets into branches and sequels. As reality split, entire worlds and sectors were pulled into their own separate quantum streams creating new self-contained realities. Zion broke apart and the sections of the city were sucked into black holes, quantum streams, and warp storms.


The Council of Zion

The laws of the city were decided on by a council of representatives at the Hall of Speakers. Any laws had to be agreed upon by a majority of representatives to be put into place.

The city treasury, as well as the collection of taxes for Zionic city programs, were handled by the Dabus.


The City Guard

Enforcement of the laws of Zion was handled by the City Guard. When an individual was arrested, the City Council was responsible for trying the case, as well as providing a public defender for those with insufficient income to have a personal barrister. Those convicted were then transferred to the care of the City Guard, who handled sentencing. In the case of a fine, the Guard were paid, and 90% of the fine was then sent to the city treasury, with the remaining 10% went to the guard If jail time was given, the offender was held in the City Prison. If the sentence was death, the Guard was responsible for executions.


Each Section of Zion was supplied food and material from Eden Warehouses, that were kept in stock by a powerful force.


Forms of every race in existence live in Zion; as their cultures matured they came into vicious conflict with each other.


Different zones of the city operated under different physical laws because of the proximity of other dimensions. Guns and other technology worked in some parts of the city and not others. Similarly, magic was operable some places and not others. Swords generally worked everywhere.Zion was divided into four districts, called quarters:

  • Columbia- Sector of the city attuned to will-power, it was the check gate for technological innovation.
  • Ardent- The Spirit Engine of Zion, the energy of this quarter was derived from the very essence of it's residents.
  • Tanelorn- Zion's Soul, home to the renowned schools of magic.
  • Capitaline- The original city.


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