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What If...Universes crashed together?
Power Level 1-20+
Scale Multiversal
Setting The Omniverse
Style Greyscale

History of the Sentry Core

The universes of the Sentry Core were the first to fracture off during the Sundering. The first fissures were among the elemental forces and among the alignments. The Prime realities were the next to fragment out of the sundering.

Multiversal Organizations


Universes of the Sentry Core


Common Name


S1 Primal Core



The universe of the tree of worlds

S4 Arcadia
S5 Nomos
S6 Arboria
S8 Ruined Universe
S9 Chained Universe
S10 Gigaxe Universe A Universe of Dungeon delvers and Dragon slayers
S11 Omenverse A universe of Explorers and Pathfinders
S16 Sentinel Universe A Universe of Superpowered Heroes and Adversaries
S17 Gestalt Universe A Universe where the Super-powered beings are the embodiment of grand ideas
S66 The Abyssal Storm


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