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The power to take on numerous, various physical characteristics of a robot, machine, weapon or android.

Robotic Physiology
Immunity Fortitude Effects

Also Called


Android Mimicry

Bionic Physiology

Cybernetic Enhancement

Cybernetic Implants

Cybernetic Mimicry

Machine Form

Machine Mimicry

Robot Mimicry

Robot Physiology


The user mutates into that of a machine. Can include small factories instead of organs, which can manifest instruments such as mechanical arms, weapons, or wheels. Some may be limited to specific mechanisms or parts to which their body can operate, others abilities may be limited only by their imagination.


Anatomical Liberation/Head Liberation/Body Part Substitution

Biomechanical Constructs

Bio-Tech Manipulation

Concussion Beams

Decelerated Aging or Semi-Immortality

Defunct Physiology

Enhanced Condition

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Strength


Metal Mimicry

Nanite Manipulation

High-Tech Exoskeleton

Hunger Suppression

Oxygen Independence

Pain Suppression

Scanner Vision


Technology Manipulation

Vacuum Adaptation

Weapon Manipulation


Animatronic Physiology

Bionic Surrogacy

Clockwork Physiology

Device Physiology

Extraterrestrial Machine Physiology

Submarine Physiology

Transcendent Machine Physiology



Cyber Mind

Defunct Physiology

Digital Form

Electricity Manipulation


Science Affined Physiology


Those with Technology Manipulation could render the user helpless, some users generate this ability as a preventive measure, unless the user has the ability themselves.

Runs a risk of attacks from those who can emit Electromagnetic pulses.

Some may be limited on how long they can be in this form.

Some are limited on which part of their body can become robotic

Users could run the risk or are prone to a computer virus

Androids may be limited to fulfill its programming.


Superpower Wiki Bionic Physiology article http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Bionic_Physiology

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