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What If.....The Forging of The One Ring Shattered Eä into a multiverse?

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The existence of the full Multiverse is unknown to the general populace of any one particular planet.

The parallel dimensions were created when Sauron’s hammer blows while forging the One Ring shocked the fabric of creation to the point where it shattered like a glass mirror.

The Creation of Arda

Main article: Ainulindalë

Within the legendarium, the Creation of Arda is attributed to Eru Illuvatar, the One. He is the God in Tolkien's universe, and he speaks it into existence, with the word , which means "It is" in what would become Elvish. is thus the original term for and name of Arda.

Eru had produced from his thought angelic spirits, all good in nature, named the Ainur, and asked them to sing to Him a melodious tune, to which he added his own splendorous themes. The music of this defined the changes and events that would take place on Arda after its approaching manifestation. One of the Ainur was Melkor, whose name later became Morgoth, who was evil, and ultimately from him all evil stems on the plains of Middle-earth and Arda as a whole. Melkor introduced his own evil discords into the main musical theme, disrupting its harmony. In this instance Eru put a stop to the music at once, and manifested Eä immediately.

Some of the Ainur were surprised by the grandeur of this new creation and were obviously attracted to it and wished to experience - so did Melkor, but with wholly different purposes. Eru granted the Ainur with the choice of living in Arda or staying with him in the Timeless Halls, free of physical form and time itself. Some of the Ainur chose to enter Arda, and so did Melkor. Eru's first intentions during the Ainulindalë, or the music created by the Ainur, also called the First Music of the Ainur, was to create a somewhat symmetrical world, flat in nature. But Melkor's discords marred it beyond repair and is supposedly what created the vast mountain ranges and hills.

The Ainur that entered Arda were called the Valar (in singular, Vala). The leader and most powerful of the Valar was Manwë. Melkor, or Morgoth, was also the most powerful Valar during those times until his reign as "Dark Lord" of Arda. Under the Valar were less powerful spirits called the Maiar, amongst whom Sauron was one (the main antagonist of The Lord of the Rings). Maiar were often designated to specific Valar, each Valar having been given a particular skill which the Maiar below him or her would carry out. Sauron was the leader amongst the Vala Aulë's Maiar, whose specific skill was smithery - and from this he would come to have the ability to craft the One Ring an age later.

The Physical State of Arda (Eä)

Arda after its creation contained mainly the continent of Middle-earth and Aman to Extreme West, also called the Undying Lands, where the Valar lived and later on where the Elves lived during the dawn of the Dominion of Men. When the King of Númenor Ar-Pharazôn tried to reach the Undying Lands as a way to become immortal, due to the corrupting powers of Sauron and Morgoth, Eru Illuvatar, at the request of the Valar, removed the entire continent from Arda and reshaped it into a sphere, which is the shape of the Earth today.

Even though Aman was removed from Arda, and all paths on Arda are now bent, there remained a straight path across the sea that only the Elves or those granted special access (like the Ringbearing Hobbits Bilbo, Frodo and Sam, along with Gimli) could travel. In this way those allowed to take this path were able to travel outside the realm of Arda and so pass to Aman. Because this path was only open to the Elves, the mortal races of Middle-earth (Men, Dwarves, Hobbits etc.) were unable to ever again come within sight of the Blessed Realm during life.

Midearth Ring Locales

The Halls of Iiluvitar

Halls of Light that lead to the various realities of Ea.

Forge of Craft

The workshop of the Ainur

Multiversal Organizations


The first beings of the ring


A collective of Exiled bearers of rings of power

Universes of the Midearth Ring

T1- Universe, where Gollum destroyed the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom and the ringbearers, elves, and Istar, left Middle-Earth for the Undying Lands.

T10- The One Ring does not emerge from under the mountains until the information age of Midearth.


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