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The power to be immune to all forms of physical damage. Not to be confused with Immortality, although some users are Immortal.

Immune to Toughness Checks

80 Power Points


The user is immune to all forms of conventional physical damage, unable to feel physical pain, is immune to bleeding or loss of limb. Death due to old age (as opposed to preemptive death) is seemingly the only cause of death to the user.

Side/Secondary Effects


to never be physically divided.

Contaminant Immunity

Cutting Immunity

Disease Immunity

Energy Resistance

Explosion Immunity

Injury Immunity

Pain Suppression

Physical Force Immunity

Pressure Resistance

Thermal Resistance

Unbreakable Bones

Unbreakable Skin

Vacuum Adaptation


Absolute Invulnerability

be immune to any kind of damage.

Absolute Defense

users body simply blocks any and all attacks.

Bulletproof Durability

a form of invulnerability that only applies to gunfire.

Conditional Invulnerability

be invulnerable under certain conditions.

Damage Negation

negate damage the user may receive.

Density Manipulation

increase one's density to make it much harder and more difficult to be harmed.

Cutting Immunity

be immune to cutting damage.


users body simply absorbs attacks.


the ability to be impervious to all forms of external physical change.

Impact Absorption

absorb mechanical and physical impacts.


becoming intangible to allow all offensive attacks to phase through.

Mobile Invulnerability

a form of invulnerability that only works if the holder of the power is in motion


be immune to almost all kind of damage.

Reactive Invulnerability

a form of Invulnerability that only works if the user is in danger.

Regenerative Healing Factor

Heal rapidly from any wound

Reliant Invulnerability

be indestructible as long as a certain target exists.

Selective Invulnerability

a form of invulnerability that only works on a certain attack, similar to Evolution.

Supernatural Durability

be supernaturally durable.

Temporary Invincibility

a form of invulnerability that only works for a limited period of time.




80 Ranks of Immunity

Applied Restriction

Doesn't mean immortality unless otherwise bestowed. 
Highly vulnerable to toughness-altering abilities such as Fortitude Weakening, Density Manipulation or even Carbon Manipulation. 
Users of Absolute Strength/Absolute Attack can inflict damage. 
Can still be affected by Death Inducement. Unless combined that resist/negate it (Immobility, Pushback Resistance)
user can be thrown around by attacks. 
May be vulnerable to certain conditions, substances or simply have a place that is vulnerable to damage. 
May become Immobile. 
May require learning defenses to particular dangers. 
May be vulnerable to telepathic abilities. 
May only protect against external attacks, so internal attacks, such as Internal Rupturing, Dehydration and Deoxygenation, can bypass this ability. 
May still feel pain.


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