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The ability to utilize a technologically powerful suit of armor. Mechanical variation of Clothing Generation and Power Suit.

Though not necessarily a superpower itself, it does grant high-tech powers to the user.

Power Suit


Power Array


Also Called

  • Cybernetic Armor/Exoskeleton

  • Exo-Suit/Exo-Armor/Exoframe

  • High-Tech Armor/Exoskeleton

  • Mech Suit/Armor


The user utilizes a specialized suit of armor by using technology alone. Armor may be powered by the user's thoughts, so the user would have to concentrate if the suit is to high-tech function properly. With all mechanical power the armor possesses, there are cutbacks. The suit may need a source of supply power to activate or the suit would use the user's life energy, thus rendering the user unconscious or dead. The suit may even enhance the powers of those who already have powers. The suit may be equipped with all sorts of gadgets the user can use.





  • User may be rendered powerless without the suit.

  • May need a power source in order to function.

  • Could have a limited power supply.

  • May have a time limit depend of user's level.

  • Takes time to control.

  • Some suits may be vulnerable to Magnetism Manipulation and Technology Manipulation.

  • Limited to available weapons and equipment which can be disabled in combat.

  • Being damaged over certain point may cause the suit to explode.

  • Users may need the suit for their very survival and can die if taken off.

  • Electricity Absorption will drain the power of the suit.


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