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The power to 

fly without any outside influence.


2 Power Points


Power to fly or otherwise move through the air using varying methods.


Some possibilities include using one or more forms of energy, wings or similar structures, or even mimicking or becoming an animal that can fly. Users are generally able to Levitate and Glide as well.

Applied Restrictions

May require air/atmosphere to maintain lift. 

May require apparatus to control direction and altitude. 

Maybe limited to a particular length of time they are able to spend flying. 

Maybe limited in speed or acceleration. 

May cold suffer from altitude sickness if not careful unless the users have adapting skills to the changes to altitudes. 

Unless the users have Vacuum Adaptation, they usually can't go beyond the borders of a planet, like Earth.


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D20 Hero SRD Flight Article- http://www.d20herosrd.com/6-powers/effects/effect-descriptions/flight-movement

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