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The power to control limbs, muscles, and digits extremely well. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition .
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Trait Dexterity

Also Called

Enhanced Coordination

Super Coordination

Super Dexterity


The user can precisely control their movements and muscles, making them unable to be clumsy or fumbling. They can slip through a network of lasers, reach through dangerous narrow tunnels, keep perfect balance, or juggle effortlessly without ever tripping or wobbling. The user can even move their finger or toes effortlessly, with tendon strain no longer being a problem.

Users can only fall over when physically uprooted or pushed, though most times the user can land on their feet. Practiced users can stand up right on even the most unstable of surfaces, such as a moving vehicle, a collapsing building, or an earthquake. They also are able to regain balance or bounce back to their feet quickly and perform feats such as shooting a gun, throwing a knife, or fighting at seemingly impossible angles and positions.


Enhanced Ambidexterity: to perform actions using one hand as with the other, and to perform actions using one's feet as well as one's hands.


Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Athleticism

Enhanced Balance

Enhanced Condition

Enhanced Flexibility

Enhanced Reflexes


Still can run a risk of injury in joints if too much is done.

Users may still be able to fall over if not careful.


Superpower Wiki Enhanced Dexterity Article- http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Enhanced_Dexterity

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