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The town of Breachill is nestled in the foothills of the Five King Mountains in the wilds of eastern Isger, about 50 miles from the Druman border. Compared to the region’s other settlements, this small town is young—just shy of 170 years old—though it has a fascinating history that rivals those of many far older places. Breachill began with the humblest of origins, as a barely functional outpost of human amnesiacs, but the aid and mentorship of a powerful Wizard led these shivering and dying unfortunates to found the hardy and thriving town that exists today. Many of Breachill’s 1,300 residents are humans who trace their ancestry to one of these original pioneers, leading to the townsfolk’s identity as people who persevere and are self-sufficient by birthright. As a result, the residents of Breachill are brave and community-minded. Unlike the insular inhabitants of many Isgeri towns, they welcome adventurers of all types. After all, the townspeople owe their existence to the benevolence of a powerful wizard and adventurer—Lamond Breachton —whose legacy is so beloved that it is almost a religion. Practically without exception, any harsh words spoken in town against Breachton are taken as a challenge to most residents’ honor. Breachill’s townsfolk are hardy, and the town is focused on self-sufficiency and creature comforts. Residents are friendly and tend to help each other, and the town’s history makes them open-minded toward outsiders. Breachill’s citizens tend to play as hard as they work, so the town counts numerous taverns among its many businesses.

Breachill Map.png


Breachill has a tradition of governance through democratic council that stretches all the way back to its founding, when Lamond Breachton helped create the town’s charter and officiated its first governmental vote. Back then, the wizard took a vote of the outpost’s people, allowing them to vote for three candidates they believed would best serve their interests in a decision-making capacity. In the town’s very first election, the top three vote recipients—Veraline Rhasolde, Agabe Owu, and Tilda Halversson—became Breachton Hill’s first town councilors, with Veraline Rhasolde becoming council president by virtue of receiving the most votes overall. Every 2 years, the town holds a new election under those strictly democratic terms, with the top vote receivers landing spots on the council. This tradition has persisted for six generations, though the number of council seats has swelled to five, given the town’s far larger current population, and its councilors have included every ancestry that has called the region home, from Dwarves to Elves to Half-Elf to Half-Orc to Goblins to even a few with more uncommon ancestries. Breachill’s town council is responsible for every aspect of municipal government, from administration to public services to taxes. The council meets monthly to discuss its current business and to hear from its residents, and council meetings are known for the lively, polite, and usually quite friendly debates that unfold. Only rarely do politics flare into outright hostilities, which is likely due to the town’s open voting process and the short terms its councilors serve. 

  • Breachill Town Hall - holds the offices of all staff members who support the town’s government and its myriad municipal functions, as well as facilities for its town guard and courts.


Type Town
Population 1300
Region Old Cheliax
Nation Isger

Breachill Town Guard

In addition to its municipal duties, the town council is also responsible for overseeing and paying the members of Breachill’s town guard, which typically consists of about 50 members. Currently, the head of the Town Guard is Wilford Lavendil, a jolly yet militaristic man whose human mother’s family traces its heritage to a founding Breachill pioneer. The town guard concerns itself with crimes committed inside Breachill’s town limits, and it regularly patrols Breachill’s perimeter roads for active, large-scale threats to the town’s peace. However, limited as the guard’s personnel is, there is much that falls outside of the organization’s purview, including small threats to travelers on nearby roads, crimes committed against citizens outside the town’s limits, and petty anonymous crimes that don’t actively threaten citizens’ safety. For these jobs, the town council regularly employs trusted adventurers to keep the peace and help its residents feel safe and happy. 

Burgher's Commission

Breachill takes pride in its legacy as a haven for both burgeoning and established adventurers. And so, in the organized tradition of most of the town’s functions, its town council holds a monthly Burgher's Commission. At these meetings, Breachill residents present their cases for wishing to hire adventurers to the council, the councilors decide whether to expend municipal funds on these problems and then they hire heroes for the approved jobs out of those in attendance. Most months, one or two jobs go to adventurers who have either proven themselves to the councilors in the past or who appear to be trustworthy after presenting themselves at a meeting. Breachill’s leaders hire adventurers for three main purposes. First, it provides the townspeople with an official way to obtain help when they’ve exhausted all other options. Second, it allows the salaried town guard to focus on mundane crimes and threats to the town. And third, it provides experience to local adventurers and allows the council to vet out-of-town mercenaries, so that if the need arises again, the town will have heroes ready to come to its aid, just as Lord Lamond Breachton did years ago.


The town's gold piece limit is 800 gp. Anything, whether it be mundane or magical, having a price under that limit is most likely available for purchase. The total amount of available coinage, or the total value of any given item of equipment for sale at any given time, is 52,000 gp. Lvl 4 Cap 

  • Breach Creek Lumber- This facility on the edge of Crimson Tide Wood serves as a logging mill and a carpenter’s shop.
  • Posandi Brothers-Located on the shores of Breach Creek for more than five generations, this masonry business has provided most of the bricks for new construction in Breachill for the past 50 years.
  • Quarters and Bits-This dual storefront is home on one side to a general store called Bits, and on the other, a weapon and armor smithy called Quarters.
  • Reliant Book Company -This niche retailer buys and sells rare tomes and is known for its stuffy and academic selection, ranging from ancient history texts to the personal diaries of long-dead heroes in myriad languages.
  • Vusker's Carts & Wheels- Located just inside the Breachill town limits, Vusker’s Carts & Wheels is the go-to wainwright for the many traveling merchants and adventuring caravans that pass through the town.


  • Bertio's Butcher Shop- Bertio brings in mot of the meat consumed with in the city.
  • Lamond's Lament- Located in one of the most hardscrabble parts of Breachill, Lamond’s Lament is a soup kitchen and place for the downtrodden to rest.
  • Monument Circle- This marble-paved circle is the visual centerpiece of Breachill.
  • Morta's Mortuary- This imposing, black-painted building with heavy, onyx-colored curtains serves as the home and place of business for Morta Valaskin.


  • Alias' Oddities- the town archives consist of official records and historical accounts dating back to the settlement’s founding.
  • Breachill Archive- the town archives consist of official records and historical accounts dating back to the settlement’s founding.
  • Crimson Wood Furs- a comprehensive haberdashery known for its high-end tailoring, gorgeous cold-weather outerwear, and fine cobbling.
  • The Griffon's Nest- a comprehensive haberdashery known for its high-end tailoring, gorgeous cold-weather outerwear, and fine cobbling.
  • Itherwel's Furs-Small Shop
  • Pickled Ear-This rough-and-tumble dive bar and tavern is frequented by locals and hardscrabble adventurers alike—many of whom clash in rowdy and sometimes vicious brawls that take place far too regularly for the town guard’s liking.
  • Rici's Emporium-Small Shop
  • Tuskhead Stoneworking-Tuskhead Stoneworking does brisk business building limestone foundations and walkways, installing landscaping stonework, and carving gravestones.
  • Wizard's Grace-Owing to its proximity to Breachill Town Hall, the Wizard’s Grace tavern is the favored establishment of many adventurers who hope to gain work from the council by attending the town’s monthly Burgher's Commission.

Guilds And Factions

  • Cayden’s Keg- This rousing, well-kept tavern is one of Breachill’s most popular places to enjoy a hearty meal and a pint of ale, and it doubles as a temple of Cayden Cailean, the freewheeling Accidental God.
  • Great Dreamhouse- One of the few dedicated temples in Breachill, the Great Dreamhouse is a monastery-like establishment dedicated to the goddess Desna.
  • Shelyn's Smile- This segmented building on Breach Creek is both the headquarters of Breachill’s artisan guild and a temple to Shelyn, goddess of art, beauty, love, and music.
  • Barber's Cartel- Enel Sawbones, a Goblin Barber. Bori Ziggarnoon, a Gnomish Barber and Cilia Darian a human Barber

Adventurer’s Discount

Adventurers serve as lucrative sources of income for the business owners in Breachill—cash-laden heroes freshly returned from their quests are a well-known source of money for local artisans and crafters. To encourage adventurers to spend their money in town, Breachill offers an “adventurer’s discount” to any group that has established itself as capable and has the town’s best interests at heart. During a point in the first adventure, after your group of PCs has accomplished its first significant quest, you’ll earn this discount. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive a flat 5% discount off the price of all items and services purchased in Breachill.


Religion is not a particularly prominent part of daily life in Breachill; its residents are more focused on community and communal survival. However, there are pockets of faithful here. One of the most prominent religions is that of Cayden Cailean, the Accidental God of freedom, ale, wine, and bravery, and more than a few taverns regularly engage in traditional rounds of rousing hymns while hoisting flagons to the Adventuring God. Another popular religion is that of Desna, the Song of Spheres and the goddess of dreams, luck, stars, and travelers. Shelyn, goddess of art, beauty, love, and music, is also popular among the town’s artisans and tradespeople; in fact, the town’s artisans’ guild doubles as a temple to the Eternal Rose. Far less common but still worth mentioning is the Asmodean Order— while there is no Asmodean temple in Breachill, the faith rose in prominence several generations ago with the arrival of the Hellknights at Citadel Altaerein. Worshippers of the Dark Prince aren’t always trusted around town, but they’re accepted, partially because Breachill Asmodeans don’t tend to practice much in public and partially because the town has never experienced problems with violent diabolism, unlike other towns in Isger. Among the scions of the town’s oldest families, the closest thing to a widespread religion might be veneration of Lamond Breachton. However, a schism is slowly forming between the more tradition-minded residents and newer citizens, who sometimes question how the town’s amnesiacs arrived in the region at all and why Breachton just happened to come upon them at just the right time. In general, Breachill residents are welcoming to worshippers of any good- and neutral-aligned god. In fact, given the number of adventurers who pass through, there is a general laissez-faire attitude toward faiths of almost all stripes. Many residents don’t even mind adventurers who openly worship evil gods, so long as those adventurers don’t do anything to disturb the public peace. The town guard is known to casually shadow such adventurers, however, just to make sure they don’t cause trouble in public areas.

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