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JMTyranny JMTyranny 26 August 2019

Commissioning of the Century

    • 1.1 Missions/Quests Completed
    • 1.2 Characters Interacted With
    • 1.3 Created Content

Breachill has long been renowned for the Burgher's Commission, a monthly ceremony that offers commissions to first-time adventurer parties. This month would draw our adventurers to the base of the Five Kings Mountains to test their mettle. Phok, Telemnar, Kereg, and Segomo Arrived in Breachill separately the morning prior to this month's commission. Kereg and Segomo traveled to Breachill from Kintargo along the Conerica River They both meandered to the Wizard’s Grace where they met with the barkeep. Kereg practices some street medicine to scrounge up some coin while Segomo tried to bounce at the Grace. His performance evoked pity from the proprietor. T…

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