While Intellect covers reasoning, Awareness describes common sense and intuition, what some might call “wisdom.” A character with a high Intellect and a low Awareness may be an “absentminded professor” type, smart but not always aware of what’s going on. On the other hand, a not so bright (low Intellect) character may have great deal of common sense (high Awareness).

Your Awareness modifier applies to:

  • Will defense, for resisting attacks on your mind.
  • Insight and Perception skill checks.
  • Awareness checks to resolve matters of intuition when a specific skill doesn’t apply.
  • Debilitated Intellect, Awareness, or Presence

means the hero is unaware and remains so until restored to at least a –5 rank in the ability

Anything with no Awareness is completely unaware and also has no Presence. It is an inanimate object, not a creature. Objects are immune to mental effects and interaction skills, and have no defenses apart from Toughness (and Fortitude, if they are alive).


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