The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, was severly damaged in a vicious battle between Batman and the Joker, it now sits on Arkham Island as an abandoned hulk.

Area/ Dimensions This Ruin dominates the landscape of Arkham Island
Universe Antiverse


A few years ago  the Joker- using Kryptonian gauntlets provided by a genetically augmented Jimmy Olsen- broke into the Asylum, and erected a forcefield around it that prevented anyone but Batman, Batgirl and Robin from entering, whilehe was forcing the rest of the patients to fight each other for a chance to live as his slave when only one is left standing. Catwoman won the resulting conflict shortly before Batman was able to infiltrate into the asylum, but the Joker's gauntlets allowed him to capture Batman, force him to watch as he brutally tore Batgirl and Robin apart in front of him. Although Catwoman managed to distract the Joker long enough for Batman to escape and damage his gauntlets, the grief-maddened Batman subsequently beat the Joker to death on the asylum roof before the entire building collapsed, apparently killing most of the current patients (Although he and Catwoman managed to escape).




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