Segregated Nation-State born from European colonies on the continent of Africa.


In the 1800s the nations of Central Europe were falling behind in the scramble for colonies. England, Spain, and France had already laid claim to North America this left the dark continent for the late comers.

Life for the colonies was rough and they produced a rough people. The colonies were cut off from thier home nations by the Great War and because of the separation the colonies developed a measure of independence. In the 1920's the isolated colonies of Africa banded together to form the new nation of Affricka.

Affricka became a "European" nation in southern Africa, made up by the decendents of Dutch, Belgian and German settlers. During the Russian Revolution many "Whites" Fled to Affricka. Racial struggle and anti-communisim developed as core tennets of Affrickan culture. So much so that the Affrickan government offered santuary to Nazis fleeing prosecution after World War II.

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Affrickaan Personalities

Orion Kravenoff- Affrickaan Military Industrial Scion who clains to be the worlds greatest hunter.